Jia Ren Collagen Bird’s Nest (Original)


180 ml
Bird’s Nest from Borneo – Nutritious Treasure from Nature

Trusted for its natural goodness, bird’s nest has been consumed and treasured for centuries. Scientific studies have shown that edible bird’s nest contains a host of important nutrients.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), bird’s nest is considered as having a neutral (neither hot nor cold) energetic property with special influence on lungs, kidneys or stomach. Jia Ren Collagen Bird’s Nest is specially formulated with Borneo bird’s nest. It is suitable for all ages.

• No Artificial Colouring
• No Artificial Flavouring
• No Preservatives


Men’s consumption can nourish the lungs and stomach, replenish spleen, enhance physical fitness, relieve stress and eliminate fatigue. It also helps nourish lungs, which benefits the respiratory system.

Bird’s nest is an oral skin care for women, improves skin moisture, whitening, reduces fine lines, reduces acne and enriching blood. It also promotes blood circulation, improves menstrual discomfort and menstrual pain.

Pregnant Women
Rich active protein in bird’s nest helps promote the growth of human tissues and improves immunity. Sialic acid found in bird’s nest promotes the development of nerve cells.

Middle- aged and Elderly
This group of people are in the stage of physical decline. The aqueous solution of active glycoprotein in bird’s nest helps stimulates immune cells, improves immunity, promotes metabolism and enhance functional effects.

Children and Adolescents
Regular consumption of bird’s nest helps to promote metabolism, enhance physical fitness, strengthens body functions, enhance immunity and helps in brain development.




*Halal Certified

How to Consume

Take chilled or warmed direct from the bottle or add it to fresh milk or dessert.