20 Sachets x 10g
Highly Concentrated Premium Collagen for Beautiful Skin & Healthy Joints

Lucol- S is the only 2 in 1 collagen in the market, which consist of Type I, & Type II low molecular weight collagen from Germany. Besides Lucol- S able to effectively improves skin conditions in 2 weeks, it also able to alleviates joint pain and improves joint problems in just 3 weeks!

Lucol-S is awarded with Malaysia Health and Wellness Brand Awards 2019 by the judges from the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Malaysian Pharmaceutical society etc.

Why Lucol-S

  1. The only collagen in the market which contains both Low Molecular Weight Marine Collagen (for skin) & Bovine Collagen (for joint) which easily absorb by the body. Two benefits for one price.
  2. Visible Results in 2 weeks.
  3. Contains 7.5gm highly concentrated premium collagen per sachet.
  4. 100% Natural Ingredients used.
  5. Does not contains sugar, sucrose, flavourings or colourings.

Main Ingredients


  • Derived from cod fish
  • Low molecular weight collagen protein peptide (500 Da)
  • Direct utilization to supplement the depleted collagen peptide in our body
  • Rapid absorption and utilized by body
  • Odourless with no fishy smell


  • Derived from bovine
  • Low molecular weight collagen protein peptide (800 Da)
  • Rapid absorption and utilized by body
  • To repair & maintain cartilage
  • Relieves joint pain while repairing process takes place


  • Originated from Amazon Region
  • Regarded as super fruit by the Brazilian
  • One of the highest anti-oxidant berries
  • Anthocyanin rich which protects our skin from the damage of ultra violet


  • One of nature’s highest source of anti-oxidant source berries
  • One of nature’s highest source of Vitamin C
  • 90 times more vitamin C compared to orange
  • Vitamin C is essential for collagen formation
  • Promotes the repair of DNA
  • Plays important role in anti-aging especially for the brain


  • Olive oil contains a special substance – Squalane
  • Squalane is a rare and precious substance proven to be effective to reduce wrinkles & to act as natural moisturizer


Perilla Seed is rich in polyphenol and omega 3 EFA substance

  • Anti aging effect for the skin
  • Anti-inflammatory effect
  • Anti-allergic effect
  • Promotes skin health (acne, dry skin, sensitive skin)
  • Reduces oxidative stress in the body

Functions & Benefits

7 Functions

Replenishes collagen level in the body directly
Activates & enhances the collagen formation process in the body
Delays aging process
Enhances & improves the firmness skin elasticity
Reduces wrinkles & eye bags
Skin whitening
Promotes healthy joints & alleviates joint pain


7 Benefits

Visible firmness and elastic for saggy
Visibly hydrated and moisturised
Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
Reduce Pigmentation and acne marks
Smoother Skin surface
Brightening and luminosity
Improved cracked heels
Reduces Joint pain
Repairs cartilage


Why Do We Need to Consume Collagen?

With age, the body produces less collagen. The structural integrity of the skin decline, wrinkles form, and joint cartilage weakens.

Women experience a dramatic reduction in collagen systhesis after menopause. By the age of 60 years, a considerable decline in collagen production is normal.

Collagen for Joint:

A 2006 review found that collagen supplements helped decrease painful symptoms and improving joint functions in people with osteoarthritis. As the supplement was absorbed, collagen accumulated in the cartilage and this helped to rebuild the extracellular matrix.


What damages collagen?

Some factors can deplete the levels of collagen within the body, such as:

High Sugar Consumption
A high -sugar diet increases the rate of glycation, a process where blood sugars attach to proteins to form new molecules called advanced glycation end products (AGEs). AGEs damage nearby proteins and can make collagen dry, brittle and weak.

Many chemicals present in tobacco smoke damage both collagen and elastin in the skin. Nicotine also narrows the blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin. This comprises skin health by reducing the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to the skin.

UV rays in sunlight cause collagen to breakdown more rapidly, damaging collagen fibers and causing abnormal elastin to build up.

Autoimmune Disorders
Some autoimmune disorders cause antibodies to target collagen.

Aging process causes collagen levels to deplete naturally over time. Avoiding tobacco and excess sun exposure and following a healthy diet, collagen supplementation and exercise regime can help to reduce visible aging and protect collagen, keeping the skin, bones, muscles and joints healthy for longer.


How to Consume

Mix 1 sachet of Lucol-S into 200ml of water (cold or room temperature), shake or stir well before consumption. Consume 1 – 2 times a day during breakfast and/or before dinner.


  Dry Skin, uneven skin tone and enlarged pores. Had knee pain due to knee injury from previous accident.
Skin significantly hydrated with more even skin tone & refined pores. Knee pain reduced after consumed Lucol-S for 3 weeks.


Used to have knee pain and stiff joints since injured 2016.
Knee pain and stiffness improved tremendously after consumed Lucol-S for 3 weeks.
Pigmentations and wrinkles Visibly reduced. Luminosity of the skin increased.


Used to have dry skin and rashes on the hand. After consumed Lucol-S, rashes improved, skin feels hydrated and refined.


Terrible acne scars due to over extraction by beautician.
After consumed Lucol-S, acne scars significantly reduced with lifted skin and better skin complexion.